Gate Motor San Fernando Valley

Gate motor San Fernando Valley

Gate Motor San Fernando Valley

Attempting to open up iron roll-down shutter which is not electrical using the chain or a manual open iron door can be a nightmare. The nights are when we get the most calls for emergency electrical roll-doors installment and repairs. And the reason is that using the iron chain to open up or close as rolling gate can become impossible. Some gate owners in San Fernando Valley mistakenly assume that it is better to install the roll up door, and in the future to add the electric motor. Although that in some cases they might be right, it is not always like that. The installment of electrical roll down gate is different than the installment of manual one, which will be operated manually. If the gate will be connected to a motor, the spring we will use on a push up roll down gate might be different from the spring we will be using for a roll-door in San Fernando Valley which will be connected to electric motor in the future. Also in terms of costs: Installing the motor at the same time as installing the rolling gate itself will cost less than to do the motor installment in two parts.

Which rolling gate motor to install?

Each roll down gate in San Fernando Valley require different type of motor. No one will expect a center motor for a push up gate in San Fernando Valley which is being used once or twice a day, to fit a commercial roll up door in Manhattan Beach which is being used hundreds times a day or more. The motor simply won’t last for long. Each gate require a different motor, and a qualified rolling gates installer in San Fernando Valley should be able to determine which one is the best operator for a specific iron door. The size of the roll-door (and the material the gate was made of – affect the weight of the curtain), make the difference between the different motors. Before installing new operator for a roll-down shutter in San Fernando Valley, here are few things you should ask or tell the installer:

Tips for new roll down gate motor installment in San Fernando Valley:

  • How often the roll down door will be used a day?
  • Do I need the rolling gate to be connected to a motor?
  • What type of commercial door will be installed?
  • What other electrical rolling gate accessories will I need?
  • Will I also need remotes to be supplied?
  • What are for a motor installment?
  • Where the motor will be installed?
  • Is there power outlet near the gate?
  • What is the experience of the installer?
  • What brand of motor (power-master-Lift-master etc.)?

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Roll up door motor repair San Fernando Valley

It can be a Powermaster motor in San Fernando Valley, or a residential power-master gate motor repair. Our roll-up gates experts can deal with any type of rolling gate motor near San Fernando Valley. But before we begin, there is one important thing need to be clear: Not every commercial roll door motor can or should be fixed. Many times – especially when it is an old motor (12 years or more) - replacing the unit completely and install a new roll up operator will be the wisest decision. Many store owners in California tend to assume that fixing the existing operator is always the cheapest option. So we would like to tell you something we learned of years of servicing commercial roll down gates in San Fernando Valley: fixing the motor isn’t always the cheapest option. A roll-up operator which damaged in a way that damaged the way it operate will never be as strong as it used to be.
There are motor’s issues that can be easily repaired, and should be repaired. In those cases replacing the operator will be a waste of money. And there are serviced that should not be made, since the operator will not last for long. If we think that repairing the electrical roll-door will not be the best service, and the motor will need to be replaced, we will not repair the motor. We do not want to repair motor that will stop working again in few months. SFV Garage Doors built a reputation in San Fernando Valley, and we will not something that will put that reputation at risk.

Why the rolling gate motor got stuck?

Before we try to answer the question what is the reason the roll-door motor got stuck, we first like to tell you that even if it look seem as it is the door’s motor that can’t open up the gate, it does not mean that there is something wrong with the motor, You would be surprised to learn how many calls we get from store and businesses owners who tell us that the operator is now working, and when we arrive and inspect the gate, we find that the motor is fine, and what broke is actually another part of the commercial gate.
Let’s take for example a roll-down shutter problem like a roll-down shutter that its spring broke. When the spring break, it will be difficult and many times - if it is a heavy duty gate - even impossible to open up the shutter. Now even if it is an electrical roll-door, the operator will not be able to open the door since it doesn’t get the assist that the spring should provide it with.
The bottom line is that it might seem to you that an electrical roll-door is not working due to a problem with the motor, when it actually a problem with the roll-door itself. It can be a rolling gate in San Fernando Valley, or garage door in Los Angeles, you need the services of a professional gate service provider to solve the problem by repairing the door.

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Commercial roll-down motor San Fernando Valley CA

The industrial roll-down shutters in San Fernando Valley can sometime be used hundred times a day, and there are roll-doors in San Fernando Valley which are being operated more than two hundreds times a day. And if it is an industrial roll-down shutter, it need industrial operator, which will make the roll-door work whenever it is needed. So is not the place to try and save money. The difference between top quality gate motor and the poor quality gate operator can be double and even more. But the money you think you will be saving by installing the cheapest operator, you will spend after few months when the operator will stop working. If you own industrial electrical roll-down shutter near San Fernando Valley, and you need new operator, invest your money in high quality operator. You will save money since you won’t need to deal with the gate again any time soon. There aren’t many service providers in San Fernando Valley that offer top quality gate operators such as the motors made by Power-Master motors, and thinking that you made a great deal by installing the cheapest motor will turn to be a bad business when you will need someone to service your electrical gate soon.

Store-front door operator San Fernando Valley CA

If you want to install a new motor over your store-front roll down door, you got to the right place. SFV Garage Doors from San Fernando Valley offer solution for all types of roll down gates, including electrical store-front iron doors. The store-front iron doors are usually being used once or twice a day: When the store is open and when it closed. And as a business owner, you probably know that if you can’t open the store in the morning, it means a loss of money, and that your customers or the people who run the store will not be able to get inside. You do not want to find yourself searching for emergency roll-door repairs in New York. And you can avoid that when you install a high quality motor over your roll-door.

Motorized rolling gate

Tips for electrical roll-doors in San Fernando Valley

We gathered some information and tips that can help troubleshoot electrical roll-door motor. It was written after many years of servicing industrial electrical iron doors in San Fernando Valley CA. The tips we bring here, as the information we share with you, are not a replacement for the consolation of a qualified service provider. SFV Garage Doors service all types of roll-doors near San Fernando Valley CA. It can be a rollup door repair in Woodland Hills, or a commercial roll-door in North Hollywood. Any time, any day, one of the experts of SFV Garage Doors can be there for you.

  • If the roll-down shutter does not operate properly when it is being used manually, hire a local service provider in San Fernando Valley to repair it before adding and setting up a new gate motor. Installing new motor will not make the roll-down shutter work if there was a problem prior to the new motor set up. If the spring is weak, or if it has been a long time since someone greased the gate, you will need to take care of the problems first. You have to make sure that the shutter can operate normally when it is in manual mode. If it shows any signs of issues, if it is suddenly difficult to open up the gate, if the slats are damaged, or if there are broken parts that need to be replaced, all those issues are not going to disappear when you install the new operator. And you can even burn the new motor you recently set up.
  • The cheap poor quality motors will turn into the most expensive since they do not last for long. Using an electric motor which is not the right motor for the gate is literally a waste of money, and can even be dangerous. Never use motor which is not specified by the manufacturer of the roll-door! Trying to save money by using the wrong motor usually end with spending much more in the future. When you invest in quality roll down gate operator you might be investing more money at the moment, but you will be saving a lot of money in the future when you will have a perfectly operating electrical roll-down shutter. It can be a commercial rolling gate, or a garage door opener in San Fernando Valley, quality is always the right way.
  • Commercial rolling doors are not the place for DIY attempts! Don’t try to install the gate yourself or by using someone who isn’t qualified for the task. Setting up new rolling door operator is a task that require knowledge and tools that only service providers who installed and fixed roll up doors in San Fernando Valley can deal with.
  • We go over it again: If rolling door is broken, it shouldn’t be used. Not manually nor with the electric motor. First you will have to take care of the issues with the door or the door’s mechanism, and only when the gate is operable manually it should be motorized.

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